Hello? Are You There?

Group82 recently conducted an outreach campaign that targeted evolving technology companies.  Among our chief goals was to introduce our “Five Questions” concept that explains how our clients are better able to identify, make contact with, and influence their customers and prospects.

You may already be asking why we chose a direct mail piece in a world dominated by email, tweets, FB posts and instagram uploads.  The glut of e-marketing is exactly why we chose to go “old school.” We wanted to stand out and to test the myths about the death of direct mail.

When more than 10% of our mail came back as undeliverable we complained that our target list was obviously poor.  Had to be. But, after some more digging, it turned out that most of the mail that came back shared a common trait.  Business closed.  No longer operating.  Shutdown. Out of business.  Gone. Done.

I wish we could have helped some of them to see it through.  Or all of them.  At Group82 we specialize at helping companies communicate their value and the value of their products to the right customers in the most effective means possible.  In a way, we are communications therapists; we help organizations to develop, retrain and strengthen the muscle memory of high impact marketing. 


We get it.  Technology companies have relatively short runway to prove they have a viable product, that customers are willing to fork over real money for it, and that they can successfully deliver product on time.  Rarely does anyone start a technology company because they “really like the marketing work.” As such, it’s often relegated to the list of “Things to Do When Not Fighting Fires.” 

But like physical therapy, marketing isn’t something you can do once and expect to see an immediate improvement in your leads, pipeline and (ideally) revenue. Success at marketing requires a pattern, multiple efforts and keeping track of your progress. 

We want you to be on our list for years to come.  Let’s talk about how Group82 can help you reach your goals.