Technology continues to change marketing. Now you have less control over marketing messages. How you apply your marketing content matters more. Fortunately, we can help you get better results.


The core of positive customer relationships is an open, honest dialogue between a customer and its supplier. At Group82, we make that dialogue — the content of that conversation between you and your customers — central to everything we do.

Combined with an evolving dialogue, technology continues to change the mechanics of effective marketing. With less control over messages, how you use your marketing content matters more than ever. You need to actively engage customers with content that offers ideas and perspectives they understand, relate to, find valuable, contribute to, and share with others.  

We help clients: identify strategies that ensure all of your content works together to meet business objectives; develop content that engages the markets you're trying to reach; decide how to distribute that content to increase demand; then measure and adjust to ensure it continues to drive greater results. 



It should go without saying, but developing the right strategy is paramount to the success of any and all marketing campaigns and the conversations that they start.  At Group82 we understand that marketing has to provide its users — sales, management, services, partners, employees — with actionable materials and support. And it has to be spot-on with a strategy that 'gets it' from the customers perspective.

Whether working with start-up companies developing a positioning and value proposition for the first time, or helping established companies expand their product, customer or geographic reach, Group82 works closely with its customers' business and marketing leadership to foster the right conversations with the market.

Group82's content strategy services include: 

  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Messaging Platform/Maps
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Information/Website Architecture
  • Market/Competitive Analysis
  • Custom Research